Community Director

Company Name:
Multifamily Insiders

- High School diploma or equivalency certificate
- Valid driver's license and insured operable vehicle
- Preferred experience in residential property management, retail, sales, or customer service
- Must be proficient in speaking, reading, and writing in English


1. Carry out the philosophies and wishes of the Owner in the daily overall operations of the apartment community.

2. Realize the maximum revenue potential of the property.
a. Timely collection of rents and other income due to Owner.
b. Eliminate lost revenues due to vacancies by timely turnover and implementing a marketing program that will
pre-lease apartments.
c. Timely service and enforcement of evictions for non-payment of rent and violation of the community rules and
regulations that cause loss of revenues.
d. Exercise sound judgment regarding property expenditures, always be aware of the best vendor for cost, and
e. Ensure timely completion of all duties by staff personnel to minimize labor costs.

3. Ensure the physical well-being and curb appeal of the apartment community.
a. Daily inspection of the common areas, grounds and parking lots for maintenance and safety.
b. Supervise daily maintenance, preventative maintenance and apartment turnover for timely and effective
c. Inspect all apartments for market-ready condition.

4. Provide training and supervision of all property personnel.
a. Train all new site personnel to ensure they are aware of their job responsibilities and the policies of the
apartment community and FPI Management.
b. Establish and maintain a good working relationship of harmony and a TEAM EFFORT among all personnel.
c. Supervise and review work performance of all site personnel.
d. Knowledgeable application and implementation of all policies and procedures.

5. Establish and maintain the best possible occupancy of the apartment community.
a. Show and demonstrate available apartments.
b. Perform a personal tour conversion closing ratio of:
Total Traffic - 35%
Qualified Traffic - 50%
c Ensure that a thorough application to rent is done on all prospective residents before approval for occupancy.
d Ensure the safety, comfort and privacy of all property residents.
e Be aware of the existing and changing market conditions.
f Be familiar with the competition and surrounding area of the apartment community.
g Be knowledgeable about the best source of advertising for your apartment community.

6. Move-Outs
a. Ensure collections of rent through the vacating date.
b. Ensure the timely vacating of all apartments, to minimize loss of income.
c. Inspect all vacated apartments for accurate costs of turnover and ensure the timely turnover of all apartments.
d. Process all security deposits in a timely manner.

7. Approval of Expenditures
a. Review all invoices to ensure that all items billed have been received and match the agreed contract price.
b. Approval of all invoices and timely submission.

8. Comply with all FPI employee policies and procedures.

9. Comply with the Fair Housing Laws.

10. Perform any and all functions as requested by the Regional Property Manager in addition to those outlined.

APPLY HERE>> http://www.multifamilyinsiders.com/apartment-jobs/jaview/1772-community-director

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